We went dancing with Reggie n Bollie and here are the photos to prove it

We had the chance to learn some swish dance moves from Reggie n Bollie recently but we bet you’re wondering, what happened behind the scenes? Well look no further because we’re about to share.


Whilst MP! TV presenter Luke was getting down with the lads, we thought why not take a few snaps for you lot.

Photo 18-04-2016, 16 59 01

  • Reggie n Bollie are preparing themselves for an adventure of a lifetime, teaching MP! how to dance to debut single ‘New Girl’

Photo 18-04-2016, 16 55 57

  • Step 1 looked pretty simple, stick your arm out in the air.

Photo 18-04-2016, 17 13 49

  • Step 2, things get a little more complicated

Photo 18-04-2016, 17 14 18

  • A little sneak peek of the fancy technology we use to make amazing content for you guys

Photo 18-04-2016, 17 22 28

  • Step 3 requires good balance, so practice practice practice!

Photo 18-04-2016, 17 15 18

  • Make sure to pose so you look cool af

Photo 18-04-2016, 17 16 56

  • Then relax. Looks like it was an intense routine for the boys.

Photo 18-04-2016, 17 20 28

The dance looks so fun. Did you manage to catch our Reggie n Bollie video? If not, here it is below, and don’t forget to tweet us a video of you attempting the dance routine to @maximumpop

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