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Fans of explosions, Hunger Games hunk Josh Hutcherson or Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth brace yourselves. Red Dawn, a remake of sorts of the 1984 film, is released this weekend and features Hemsworth, Hutcherson and explosions by the bucketload.

Maximum Pop’s film critic, Jon Hornbuckle, went to a top secret preview screening to give us his verdict.

Red Dawn is the story of two brothers, Jed (Chris Hemsworth) and Matt (Josh Peck) who, along with their friends, turn into a rebel army when America is invaded by the North Korean army. It’s a bit ambitious to think that 5 or 6 teenagers could destroy such a massive army but hey, it’s fiction so anything goes.

The group of jocks, nerds and sassy girls hide out in the woods where they train themselves up to be soldiers, luckily one of the brothers had just arrived back from serving in the US army out in Iraq.

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. Some serious OMG moments means that you can’t bet on who will survive until the end! Red Dawn is full of heart stopping, nail-biting suspense as the teenagers rise up against the Korean invaders.

There are a few plotholes leaving things unexplained or just not making sense and female audiences will surely be devastated that there are no shirtless scenes in a film that has a cast of some of Hollywood’s buffest boys. Also, a lot of the dialogue can be quite cringe-inducing, it’s all very patriotic which might go down well with American audiences but falls a bit flat elsewhere.

There are a few negatives but Red Dawn doesn’t deserve many of the bad reviews it has had on the internet. Yes, it’s not perfect, but if you want a fun and slightly silly action film, then it’s worth a watch.

THE ROUND UP – If you can forgive them for that, you will enjoy Red Dawn, it has its flaws but it’s perfect just to chill out for 2 hours and enjoy the awesome battle scenes.

Red Dawn is released Friday 15th March in UK cinemas.

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