Ariana Grande, Swifty, Bieber? We’ve cast some popstars to play characters in ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle.’

This month we’ve been delving deep into the mythical epic pages of Mario Routi’s ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle’. We’ve been awake at night sprinting through the chapters and we’re pretty sad we’ve finished it to be honest.

While we were crying over Zayn and reading to take our mind off the inevitable rumours we’ve put together our dream team of popstars who we want to play the characters in this fab book.

Read it? Let us know what you think about our ideas! Haven’t started turning the pages yet? This might just give you some inspo!


Rebecca Newton – Jennifer Lopez

We think Jennifer Lopez would make a great Rebecca Newton. She’s sassy and looks quite athletic, great for swirling around a crystal sword! Jenny from the block? Or Rebecca from Utopia? You decide.


King Turgoth – Justin Timberlake

Hey, Mr JT! Like Jlo he’s no newbie to acting, Justin as the striking King Turgoth would get our hearts racing. He could keep up with Rebecca Newton and he looks damn good for his age… considering he is a few centuries old.


Princess Leylah – Ariana Grande

Princess Leylah is next up, we had to have a rummage in our brains for this one, but then it hit us. Ariana Grande might be petite but we reckon she’d put up a good fight, just like Leylah. Also princess material, obvs.


Alexander – Zayn Malik

Sorry for this one guys :( in Mario Routi’s ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle’ Princess Leyla has a bit of a thing for Alexander. Who could blame her if he was played by our Zayn. He could go into acting now…


Gregory – Justin Bieber

Gregory lives on earth, he’s streetwise and knows exactly what he’s doing. Fun to be around and seems like he’s a right laugh, let’s hope Justin Bieber is up to the challenge.


Anna – Taylor Swift

Anna also lives on earth and is friends with Gregory. Time to stir up some popstars, we’ve placed T-Swift as Anna. She’s sassy just like her, let’s hope they’ve made up their differences since the Selena debacle.


Larisa – Katy Perry

Larisa is an Amazonian woman with attitude! She’s also got a thing for Alexander – there’s some serious love triangles going on! Who better for this role than Katy Perry?

Katy Perry

General Nemesis – Beyoncé

General Nemesis is another strong Amazonian, she has to try and keep Larisa under control! Watch out Katy we think you need some taming so we’re putting Queen B in charge of you.


If you like the sound of this epic read, follow the links below to get a copy. If you’re ahead of the game let us know who you’d cast from the pop world to play the characters!

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