MP!er Amy shares her thoughts over ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle’, the second book from the amazing trilogy by Mario Routi

MP!er Amy shares her thoughts on Mario Routi’s ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle’ the second in the series of mythical epic fantasy awesomeness.

w545083Name: Amy Powis

Age: 18

Favourite song at the moment:Cool Kids By Echosmith

Describe the plot of ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle’ in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!

Rebecca Newton faces new trouble with old enemies but this time her daughter is the one is the firing line.

Have you read the first book in the ‘Rebecca Newton’ series?
Yes, I really enjoyed it.

Without giving anything away, does the ending make you want to read the next in the series?
Yes the ending contains a plot twist and something that you will wait the entire book for and will make you eagerly await the release of the final book in this amazing trilogy.

What genre would you class the book as?
YA Mythical Epic Fantasy with a splash Science Fiction

What was the best bit?
I think the ending was done perfectly. It had the climax of the novel and did what every middle book in a trilogy should, make you want to read the final bookin the trilog as quickly as possible.

Anything you didn’t like?
No, it was well done and i have been sitting here for 5 minutes for something bad to say but i can’t find anything.

Would you recommend ‘Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle’ series to your friends?
Yes I would recommend this book to my friends but I would tell them to read the first book before this one as it brings context to the book.

Do you think it would appeal to girls or boys more? Or both?
This book would appeal to both girls and boys the series romance isn’t to overdone and the action in this book will appeal to the boys.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
I liked this book a lot so there is a lot to say. I like the fact that the author Routi offered his opinion about money in the human world from the Orizon’s view on Earth. The diary of Leylah was nice as I liked seeing things from her view. There was also a quote that I liked: “Happiness is the only thing you can spread in the world that cures sickness rather than causes it.” I would describe it as Percy Jackson for the YA generation. I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too.

Keep an eye on MP! for more Rebecca Newton shenanigans, we’re gonna get in depth!

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