Rebecca Ferguson’s new video, ‘Backtrack’!

We gave you the lowdown on Rebecca Ferguson’s somewhat retro-ish new single ‘Backtrack’ last week. Now the soulful Scouser has revealed its video, we’re going to tell you our favourite bits:

  • Rebecca sitting on the side of a bath, “moodily” scrolling through texts while a man pretending to be her boyfriend does some unconvincing fake sleeping. Is there a Bafta for best acting in a music video? No? Oh well.
  • Rebecca standing in front of her wardrobe, carefully sorting through clothes for the next Oxfam run. So organised. So ethical!
  • Rebecca standing in a recording booth in a nice red frock, doing a bit of a hip shimmy. Fact: the hip shimmy is not only one of the best dances in pop, it’s one of the easiest. Even our gran can do it.
  • Rebecca standing next to some exposed brick. Authentic!
  • Rebecca standing on a stage, concluding this angry little ditty about a no-good, lying, bad boyfriend with a defiant smile. What a survivor.
The verdict: Rebecca is four times as good at standing as she is at sitting, and ‘Backtrack’ is the best thing she’s done since THIS epic moment. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look for yourselves!

‘Backtrack’ is available from iTunes on 14 October and Rebecca’s just been added to the line up of BBC Radio 2’s Live In Hyde Park concert, which takes place this Sunday! More info on the Hyde Park thing here.


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