5 reasons why we are beyond excited for the release of Cassandra Clare’s ‘Lady Midnight’

Today is the 7th… which means we are now officially less than 24 hours away from the release of Cassandra Clare’s ‘Lady Midnight’.

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We are literally counting down the hours, minutes… seconds… nanoseconds…

While we’ve been waiting, we put together a list of things that are making us uber excited for this book.

1. New characters. 

We’ve ‘sort of’ met main characters Emma and Julian before. But now they get their own story so we can fall in love and fangirl shameless over them. And it’s going to be amaze. We can feel it in our bones.

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2. The ‘parabatai’.

Cassandra Clare has promised a deeper exploration of what it really means to have that special warrior bond, and why it’s forbidden to fall in love with the person you’re bonded to… Is that a bit of drama we smell in the air? *sniffs* A storm’s a-brewin’.

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3. So… forbidden love?

Yes! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Again, Cassie Clare has confirmed that ‘forbidden love’ will play a part in this book in different ways.


4. It’s 720 delicious pages long.

Lady Midnight is a hoof of a book, but we’re not complaining. More pages means more time to spend in the Shadowhunter world.

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5. This is just book one.

Of course, you knew this. It’s a trilogy. But let’s just bask in the current titles for the next books: ‘Lord of Shadows’ and ‘The Queen of Air and Darkness’. ‘Lady Midnight’ is the start of a beautiful three year relationship.

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So, with only hours to go until release, how excited are you? Tweet us @maximumpopbooks

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