If you’re looking for a mind-blowing read, ‘We Are All Made of Molecules’ has got you covered. Here’s 5 reasons you NEED to read it.

Meet Stewart. He’s geeky, gifted and sees things a bit differently to most people. Meet Ashley. She’s popular, cool and sees things very differently to her new family. Stewart and his dad have moved in with Ashley and her mum – it’s not going to be smooth sailing in this new family…

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This is a book about friendship, family, falling apart and coming back together again. And if you’re not sold on that, well, listen up.

It’s impossible not to love Stewart and Ashley

The’re such different characters and they look at the whole in opposite ways, and that means that you almost get two stories through the dual narration!

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Tricky topics are dealt with in a pitch-perfect way

Stewart lost his mum before the book begins and he’s still grieving; both Stewart and Ashley experience bullying; and Ashley is dealing with the fact that her dad has come out and moved out. All these things could get too much for one book, but Susin Nielsen is just that good!

High school is a jungle

Stewart is super clever, quick-witted and a pro at geeky jokes. Ashley struggles with the actual school stuff but knows how to work people. Watching them clash and then start to bond was super cute, especially when they started to realise how the other struggles at school.

high school jungle

Can we talk about that cover?

I mean, come on, it’s AMAZING. The blue and yellow. The dots. The title font. It’s just beautiful and we’ll shamelessly turn it face out in every bookshop we walk into…

It has everything – sweetness, humour, emotion and important topics

Juggling so many strands of a story that make a short book feel cluttered, but we think ‘Molecules’ is pretty darn perfect and we wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Grab your copy here!

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Written by Sophie Waters

Sophie is the Head of Commercial at Maximum Pop! Having studied English Lit and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she came to MP! to satisfy her passion for books. Sophie is a diehard Hufflepuff and feminist. She's also a huge cat lover, and can often be found rocking her socks off at a gig.

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