Is pink the new black? Definitely. Plus more reasons you should read ‘Under Rose-Tainted Skies’

If you’re not on the ‘Under Rose-Tainted Skies’ band wagon yet then 1. why not? and 2. that’s about to change.


Louise Gornall’s YA debut is an uplifting and beautifully unflinching story following agoraphobic Norah. But just in case you still need a little push in the right direction, here’s why you should give this book a go…

Louise Gornall is a total boss-lady – Like the badass she is, she even dyed her hair to match her book.

And for us, that reason alone is enough for us to want to read it. Cool author = cool book. It’s simple science.

Agoraphobia, anxiety and OCD – This may sound like a strange way to persuade you to read this book, however, it may very well show you a different perspective and give you more of an insight into what living with these mental bullies can be like.


This extract (full extract available here) –

“I’m going to kill the damn blackbird sitting on my windowsill, chirping and squeaking at the top of its lungs. It’s hopping back and forth, wings spread and flapping, but has zero intention of taking off.
The point is it can fly away whenever it wants. And it knows it can. It stops chirping, turns its tiny head, and looks at me. Smiling for sure.
Smug bastard.”

The story is just so gorgeous, you guys – For real. The writing is stylish and beautifully poised. It’s also got a sharp edge and wit when it needs it. And it’s oh-so readable. Trust.


Pink – if nothing else has persuaded you then let’s just look at this book’s face. It’s PINK! And so goddamn beautiful. Also, there’s more than just one shade out there…

Welp, there you have it folks. If you’ve been tempted over to the dark pink side then you can get your copy right here.

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