All the reasons ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ by Patrick Ness should be at the top of your TBR

We get it, there are just too many books that need to be read. But what better time to boost Patrick Ness’s ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ up that TBR list when it’s got a sick new paperback look.


It’s looking fab in yellow. But just in case you need a bit more persuasion, here’s all the reasons why you totally need to read this freakin’ book.

1. It’s got such a unique angle. Pitched as being told from the perspective of the UN-chosen one. You know, the dude that gets left in the shadow of the hero? The concept feels original and creative and fun!

big bang

2. It’s also about so much more than that. This book has themes coming out of its seams. (See what we did there?)

big bang

3. It’s got wit. Srsly, this book will make you smile and chuckle. Written in such a way that it’s impossible not to smirk at the sarcasm and intelligent observations Ness makes from his characters’ POV.

big bang

4. Chapter headings on fleek! In these short descriptions, we get a brief overview of what the Chosen Ones in Mikey’s town are up to – which is often involves dealing with their complicated love triangles and blowing stuff up.


5. A brilliant set of characters, as well as Mikey, to cling to. Such a full and vibrant cast; there’s someone for everyone.

big bang

And if ‘one quarter God of Cats’ doesn’t prove our point then… *shrugs*

Have we won you over to the side of the very ordinary? To the team of un-chosen ones? ‘Course we have. Now go forth, muggles, and get your copy.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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