9 reasons you should read the book before you watch the film

For some people reading the book before they see the film is essential. For others? Not so much.


But we want to try and persuade the ‘meh’ camp to come over to the bookish side. Books first. Movies later. Why? We’ll tell you why.

1. The film can’t include everything. The book is obviously more detailed and will include scenes that won’t make it onto the big screen. Your brain becomes a treasure trove of ‘deleted scenes’.

i know

2. The film will probably get stuff wrong. Some things just won’t translate well to film. And sometimes stuff just has to be left out, as we explore above. But that means other gumpf gets thrown in, for better or for worse. Or the plot is changed. Etc. Reading the book is experiencing the REAL heart of the story.


3. Characters. Many reasons in one here. If you read a character before seeing a character you get to create your own image of them. And then you can feel the excitement as your fave anti-hero makes their entrance, or you can shout at the TV when they change their hair colour.


A petite teen, practically cherubic in appearance, with reddish-brown curly hair? Huh.

4. You have the right to remain smug. Yup. If you’ve read it first then please do wear that smug little smile because you’ve done it. You’ve reached the end of that six hundred page monster of a book and now you can say ‘that was me, man.’


5. You get to be one of “those” people. Do you remember going to see Harry Potter in the cinema? (Whichever one, it happened ever time) And someone in your friend group will always be like “well that didn’t happen in the book”. Welcome! This is now you.


6. Seeing the fandom in the flesh. Ok, not QUITE in the flesh. But there is something exciting and satisfying about finally seeing your favourite stories in Technicolor glory.


7. Those quotes though. You’ve even been known to write them on your own skin (what? Just us?). And now you can hear it acted out, as it should be. Amaze.


8. Yours first, theirs second. Related to 3, if you watch the film first you have a problem on your hands. You won’t be able to imagine ANYTHING without first conjuring the image the film gave you first. You dig? So Hogwarts will always look like this:


9. The book is always better. End of conversation.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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