Cat from Liz Kessler’s ‘Read Me Like a Book’ is a top best mate, and here’s why

In Liz Kessler’s ‘Read Me Like a Book’ main character Ashleigh isn’t have the best time of it. In fact, she’s having a pretty crappy time of it, really.

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But that’s where good mates come in. Ashleigh is hella lucky to have  a friend like Cat, and here’s why:

Cat knows how to make her BFF smile. Even when miles apart. Ashleigh explains that her best bud might not be the greatest when it comes to talking ‘feelings’ but she knows exactly how to make her chuckle.


She won’t take any BS. This is a trait anyone should be thankful of in a mate. Someone who will keep you in check and bring you back down to earth, with a thud, if necessary. You will thank her for it later.


Just because her mate is having a pants time, doesn’t mean her life stops altogether. Again, this is something that might only be a blessing in hindsight. Cat has her own life, and commands respect for that while also being willing to be there for Ashleigh.

adventure time

She will drop everything, if needs be. Even petty arguments or fall-outs. When Ash is having a real crisis Cat puts everything else aside and is ready with the ice cream and great advice.


When Ashleigh makes friends with someone else, Cat doesn’t try to sabotage it. Sure, there might be some sulking, and some hurt feelings too.


Cat accepts Ashleigh for who she is, long before Ash has figured it out for herself. There is no judgement, just easy friendship.

adventure time

Friendships can take all kinds of different shapes and sizes, what works for some won’t work for others. How would you describe the relationship you have with a best bud? Tweet us @maximumpopbooks

And you can read more about Cat and Ashleigh in ‘Read Me Like a Book’, clicky here to get your copy.

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