Read the first chapter of Estelle Maskame’s ‘Dare To Fall’ PLUS find out how you can be the next YA star

This read is a game-changer

If you’re a YA junkie, you’ve probably already heard of the incredible Estelle Maskame. She’s one of the most exciting YA authors out there and is a teen mastermind.

At the age of 13, Estelle started using Wattpad to write stories. Known for her beautifully constructed characters, gripping plotlines and witty dialogue, she quickly built an online fan base. The first story in her ‘DIMILY’ trilogy received over 4 million hits and Estelle landed a three-book deal with Black & White Publishing by the time she was 17.

The series has also sold in translation in 16 countries, which means fans all over the world have delved into her books. How exciting is that!

Now at the age of 20, Estelle’s back with a brand new book.

The novel’s called ‘Dare To Fall’ and follows MacKenzie and Jaden – two lovebirds who are suddenly swept in a whirlwind of grief when Jaden’s parents die in a car crash.

After the accident, Kenzie walks away from the blossoming romance. She can’t handle seeing the effects of grief and tries to keep Jaden as far away from her as possible.

It’s easier said than done, though – especially when sparks fly and old feelings begin to bubble to the surface. Kenzie’s met with a dilemma; will she give into love or continue to push it away?

The book’s an incredibly emotional read and will tug on your heartstrings the same way John Green’s novels do. In fact, many are saying it’s going to be THE book of the summer so you might want to pre-order a copy while you can.

‘Dare To Fall’ is out 27th July 2017 via Ink Road – a new YA imprint of Black & White Publishing. But if you can’t wait that long then Estelle has recorded a very special message for you…

That’s right, you can read the first chapter exclusively above, by clicking the image. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Once you’ve finished reading make sure you head over to Black and White Publishing’s website to pre-order a copy.

If you’re a budding author or fancy becoming the next big YA star like Estelle, you can also submit your YA story to Ink Road. They’re looking for fresh new authors and accept unsolicited manuscripts for both fiction and non-fiction from all over the world.

Happy reading (and writing) bookworms.

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