We had a natter with the masterminds behind the #Rea1Deal – world domination, Directioners?

 We recently told you about the #Rea1Deal and we think it’s an amazing project! So we caught up with the girls over at @1DFansMovement to find out a bit more about the project.
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Hi girls! So, could you explain to us in brief what the project is about? 
The project is all about promoting the boys and their music. To people outside the fandom, One Direction is just ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ cause that’s their breakout song. We wanted to show how much they have evolved musically that’s why we want to showcase the songs that the fans love but never got the chance to really flaunt it or show the world how beautiful music is and now far from that bubblegum pop majority of the people know.
We have a poll which allows you to choose 4 songs that were never a single and think that deserves recognition which can show other people the capabilities of the boys. After collecting those responses, we would pick the top 4 songs and promote them during the 1D month where we would be releasing fan made videos and do what this fandom is known for, take over the world and be heard as one. We would also promote the next single from the next album and the album itself.

How did you come up with the idea for the project?

We have a group chat and we were just talking about random stuff about the boys and one of the girls had an idea that about promoting the songs of One Direction and we were all going along with it and agreed with it. It all happened in like an hour cause we started making social media accounts. It was just an on the spot discussion that turned in to a serious plan. Since we all come from different update accounts from all around the globe, it was easy for us to spread the word and have people to get involved in this project.

What are your plans to promote each single during ‘1D Month’? 

Once the poll is closed, (Aug 5) We will start promoting the top 4 songs by making videos and posters, we would also contact radio stations that can help us get the songs be heard easily by people outside the fandom, hopefully get them to talk about it as well. We are going to ask the fans to get involved about it as well by sending in the fan arts or videos that can be posted all over the social media sites. Hopefully get the attention of people outside the fandom and get them to be interested in the upcoming fifth album of the boys.

So far, fans have been voting for the four tracks by 1D to be the new DIY singles – what can they expect to happen next?

Well, they can expect those songs to be everywhere. Knowing how much this fandom’s capability to trend basically everything, we hope to be heard and be noticed by the boys themselves. We have done numerous project for the boys and we just want them to get the recognition they deserve not just from the fans but appreciation by the others as well.

Can we expect music videos for each single? 

Definitely! We are a team of very hardworking people and we will be doing our best to give justice to each song that we will be releasing every week for the 1D month.

What would you say are your ultimate goals for the project? 

We aim for the boys to get appreciated by the people outside the fandom. We want them to see how good they are and they are more than what they saw 5 years ago with ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ cause most of the people still see them that way. We want every one to see how much the boys have worked to get them where they are right now. We also want to give back to our idols cause to some fans, these boys are their saviors. To some, they may just be another pretty boy band, but for us, they are the source of happiness and the ones who makes us confident. We wanna show what these boys are capable of. They work so hard and some people don’t see that.

Fans definitely seem to want more involvement when it comes to choosing future singles – what do you think the boys should do to get the fans involved? 

Letting the fans choose the single will be difficult since the album wouldn’t be out yet by their first single however, with the next ones, they can probably look at the reaction of fans and see which ones are the most talked about. The fandom is pretty vocal with their opinions and it will be easy for them to see which are the crowd’s favorite. They can actually do a poll or like ask through Twitter as well knowing that we would all respond to them.

What kind of sound are you hoping for on the next album? 

We expect the next album to define who they are as artist. In ‘Midnight Memories’, they already started giving us a glimpse and with ‘FOUR’, they wowed us with how much it sounded different from the other 3 albums and at the same time, it was more intimate cause they wrote all of the songs from that album. It brought us closer to them cause we can relate to the songs. They mentioned that the songs from ‘FOUR’ came from experiences, that made us more closer to them cause it’s like they are telling us their own stories. We want the album to sound like how they want to be heard. Music that will fit their personalities, the fandom and the people outside the fandom from different age groups.

It’s been a tough year for the boys and the fandom, do you think this will have any impact on the next album? 

Of course! After all these drama that fandom went though and is still going through, the new album would definitely hold the fandom together. This fandom is like an assurance for us that the boys are still here for us. We have been struggling these past few months and this album will give us more reasons to stay in the fandom. Yes, it will be hard not having to hear Zayn on the new album and it might be odd for us not to hear him but we are still going to support the boys no matter what. We respect Zayn’s decision and will support him in his future projects as well.

If you could speak to the boys about this project, what would you want to say?

First, we want to thank them. They have done more than what they could imagine. They made us happy, they lifted our emotions, made us confident, comforted us when we feel down and blue. We know we cannot all meet them personally and have a sit down with them but this is our way of giving back. Our way of saying, we are here to stay til the end. We are not going anywhere and we want them to have everything they deserve and more cause they’ve done so much more that just sing us songs. They are our role models. They saved our lives. We also want to thank them because if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be this close to the people from our team. We all come from different parts of the world, all of us have to stay up til like 5am just to be able to talk to each other and promote the project as well as thinking of ideas on how will we do the other parts of the project. A recognition from them would make all our efforts worth it.

Thanks girls, good luck! You truly are the ‘rea1Deal’.

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