Here’s why beauty bloggers are now rubbing onions on their eyebrows

There are a lot of crazy trends in the beauty world, but this latest hack might just win the trophy for the wackiest one ever. ‘Cause in an attempt to get their eyebrows on-fleek, beauty bloggers everywhere are now rubbing raw onion on them. Er, what?eyebrows

Beauty YouTuber Farah Dukhai started the trend by posting a video tutorial on Instagram, claiming that the sulphur in onion juice speeds up brow growth. SCIENCE.


  1. Massage onion juice on brows for 5 minutes
  2. Let it dry completely
  3. Wash off with cold water

Repeat daily and apparently you’ll have perfect eyebrows in no time. We wonder if this is how Cara Delevingne achieved her brow queen status?

There can’t be any harm in trying this crazy trick if it’s going to make us look flawless. We can deal with smelling like an onion for a bit in the name of beauty.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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