Our 6 very favourite quotes from ‘Radio Silence’ by Alice Oseman

Are you unsure of what to read next? Can’t quite decide which book to pick off of your towering TBR pile first? These quotes from Alice Oseman’s second book, ‘Radio Silence’, are totally going to make your decision for you.

i've put a spell on you

  • “…it felt like we were friends. Friends who barely knew anything about each other except the other’s most private secret.”
  • “And I’m platonically in love with you.’
    ‘That was literally the boy-girl version of ” no homo”, but I appreciate the sentiment.”
  • “Everyone’s different inside their head.”
  • “I wonder sometimes whether you’ve exploded already, like a star, and what I’m seeing you is three million years into the past, and you’re not here anymore. How can we be together here, now, when you are so far away. When you are so far ago? I’m shouting so loudly, but you never turn around to see me. Perhaps it is I who have already exploded. Either way, we are going to bring beautiful things into the universe.”
  • “He smiled and looked away. ‘Sometimes I think we’re the same person…but we just got accidentally split into two before we were born.”
  • “Everything’s better under the stars, I suppose. If we get another life after we die, I’ll meet you there, old sport…”

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