The very awkward moment when we interviewed Rachel Platten and got our research wrong.

Rachel Platten’s an amazing woman, right? After releasing her latest single ‘Fight Song’, the singer has been propelled into super stardom and found herself hanging with Taylor Swift and even performing with her as part of her 1989 World Tour. So, as you can imagine, we were thrilled when Rachel dropped a phone call to have a little natter but it all went a little bit pear shaped when the internet told us lies about Rachel and Sandra Bullock. Find out what happened by reading below…

Obviously, we’re talking because of ‘Fight Song’ which is a really inspirational track. What was it that inspired you to write it?

I have been trying for quite a long time to make this career happen and I was facing a lot of self-doubt and rejection and was questioning whether I still believed in myself and the song was the inspiration for me that told me that I wasn’t going to quit.

The single has really blown up all over the globe. Were you surprised by the success or did you always know it was special?

I had a feeling when I wrote it that it was powerful, it made me feel a certain way and I could only hope that it could bring people the same feelings but at the same time I was still facing all of that self-doubt and wondering if I was good enough so I don’t know if I honestly heard it and thought it would effect millions of people. Maybe in the very back of my mind when those mean voices were telling me I wasn’t good enough, then yes, I knew it could be special.

The track really took off when you were invited to perform it at Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour. How did that come about?

A week prior, I was playing in the parking lot of her stadium show in Pittsburgh. I was playing at another event. I think I remember our managers connected and I asked if I could meet Taylor because I’m a fan and when I met her she was like “I love your song”, a week later she invited me to sing with her.

How was the experience of performing with Taylor?

It was incredible, honestly incredible. She’s a very inspiring woman so it was just amazing to get to sing that song for so many people and know that I was hopefully getting to spread that message of love and empowerment to that many people. It was really special.

If you were able to star in Taylor’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video, what would you have picked your character name as?

I have no idea! Erm… maybe something to do with crystals because I’m like a super hippie and I carry crystals in my purse. So maybe Crystal Enchantress. I have no idea.

This is where it gets lovely and awkward…

Another celebrity fan that you’ve been showing off is Sandra Bullock who makes a cameo appearance in the ‘Fight Song’ music video. How did she get involved?

Erm… she… she is actually not in the ‘Fight Song’ video. What? Who? Sandra Bullock? No. That would be amazing. Really? I was like “Oh my God, maybe I’m missing something.” Erm… no, I love Sandra Bullock, that would be incredible.

Oh God, sorry.

No, don’t be sorry, that’s hilarious!

Well if you could get any celebrity apart from Sandra Bullock to star in your music video, who would you pick and why?

Any celebrity? I think that Jennifer Lawrence would be my ideal because she’s like the real girl that stands for believing in yourself and being exactly who you are and she’s kind of a bad ass.

‘Fight Song’ first came to our attention when it was featured in the Christmas special of Pretty Little Liars. Are you a fan of the show?

I became a fan once they started playing my music, I have to be honest.

Who do you think A is?

I wouldn’t know. I have no idea.

‘Fight Song’ has been bought by over one million people in the US alone so far. If you could give each person that’s bought it a gift, what would you give them?

I would give them the power to remember how strong and how powerful they are.

To finish up we’re going to play a little game based on fighting. We’ll give you the names of two celebrities and you have to tell us who you think would win a fight between the two.

Ooh, I love this!

Beyonce or Rihanna? – Beyonce. In a heartbeat.

Demi Lovato or Ariana Grande? – Come on, these are easy! Demi.

Zayn Malik or Louis Tomlinson? – Mmm… Zayn.

Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? – Ooooh! I gotta go with my girl Taylor.

Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake? – Timberlake.

The Fifth Harmony girls or The Little Mix girls? – I’m in London right now so I’m gonna say the Little Mix girls.

Finally, is there a message you’d like to give to your UK fans?

Yes, I am blown away that you guys are embracing and loving ‘Fight Song’. It just blows my mind and please keep sharing what it means to you, it’s amazing when you guys write to me telling me what the song is helping you overcome. That’s why I make music. So I encourage everyone to keep sharing it with #MyFightSong and I love being here so I hope I get to tour here and play shows for you guys.

As you can see from above, Sandra Bullock still doesn’t feature in the ‘Fight Song’ music video.

‘Fight Song’ is released in the UK on August 7. Pre-order here.

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