Interview: We speak to R5 about their album while they were here for their UK tour.

R5 have been touring our side of the pond this month and we thought this would be a great opportunity to have a nice little chat in a hot tub with 3/5ths of them.

Welcome back to the UK ! How’s the tour going right here right now?

It’s been, it’s been really really fun. We’ve been in Europe now for two months, just playing all over the place, honestly we had a good time. Yeah Birmingham last night, it was so awesome. Yeah.

So they’ve looked after you well?


You’re very loved here.

Yeah, we feel the love.

What I thought we’d do today instead of having a chat is go along the lines of the album ‘Some Time Last Night’… last night we went out. Do you remember last night we went out?

Ohh! That’s from where it’s from.

It was a wild night so I can’t remember everything, but I remember bits of it and I thought we could fill in kind of what happened last night, just sort of run through it again. Is that cool?

Cool. Crazy, crazy night.

It was, it was crazy! If you remember we started at about 5pm and we were having dinner in a chicken shop called Nando’s.

Right. Oh yeah. Dude, that place has good chicken. Wait, is that the one where we heard the chickens in the back?

That’s the one, yeah.

And they were like ‘Howdy’. It was like ‘Boocahhh’.

 It wasn’t ideal because I didn’t know if they were pets of if we were gonna eat those. I forget.


And we were sitting there and the order was 20 minutes late and then Riker saw the waiter and said:

Riker: We’ve been waiting here 20 minutes for our food, what’s up?

Yeah, yeah, I remember him saying that. I remember that. The only reason I do remember him saying that is because the waiter came back with some like snarky remark in a language we didn’t quite understand. Oh yeah, yeah. It was like Swahili or something.

It was weird man. And then the waiter said ‘I’m really sorry’ and he brought as all free chicken. Do you remember?

Oh yeah. But mine was alive still, it..

Yeah his wasn’t cooked.

And then it flew away. It actually flew. And then Riker said ‘I like my chickens dead’.

It’s not too much to ask for in a restaurant, is it really?


Ross was really happy about the free chicken and he celebrated. How did you celebrate?

Ross: I got on top of the table and did some MJ

And I kind of remember him actually taking the chicken and just flinging it around, like a scarf.

Ross: And I said ‘Love yourself!’ ‘Accept yourself’ Love yourself.

It’s all coming back to me now and we finished our meal, it was a lovely meal.

And it ended up being really good chicken.

And I said ‘right where should we go next’ and we thought we could go bowling, remember?

Ohhh, that was good.

So we got a taxi and then the radio, we put the radio on and ‘Smile’ was playing on the radio.

Oh yeah. Good times.

Rydel laughed and said ‘This is definitely a dream’.

Rydel: And I said ‘Oh my gosh this is the first time our single has ever played on UK radio’.


We had a little laugh about it and we were all singing along, but then the taxi had to screech to a halt and no-one was sure why except Rocky. Why did the taxi stop?

Rocky: Yeah, I think the engine like broke down or something.

Oh no. Yeah that happened right? Was it that or did he see someone flash him from the side of the street. Ohh, see I don’t recall. Oh yeah. I don’t recall.

It’s hazy, it’s hazy. That’s kinda happened as well. So we had to stop there and luckily everyone was ok and then we arrived at the bowling and Ellington grabs everyone some snacks. What did you get?

Ellington: Yeah, yeah, I actually got more Nando’s because I couldn’t see anything else. All I see is Nando’s in the UK so I just got us some fries that time.


Ellington: Since we didn’t get fries last time, oh sorry, chips as you guys call it right? So you know I had to get fry-game on strong.

Get the Fry game on point. Fry game on point.

Ellington: Yeah, on fleek.

It’s a good decision and then we went bowling and it was pretty intense and we had a good time. It was the last shot of the game and Rydell was winning and Riker was second, so Riker needed to do something special for your last shot.

Riker: Oh yeah, last shot.

Remember yeah?

Riker: I got three strikes in a row.

Three strikes in a row.

Wait whaaat? You won right?

That’s called a turkey.

Riker: I got a turkey.

You got a turkey. You won right?

Ryker: Yeah I won. Got three strikes in a row.

Rydell: Damn man. Wow dude. I was a close second. That’s so rare.

Yeah, it’s very very rare. Everyone went mental because it was amazing. Uhm so you won, that’s pretty cool and then we decided to finish the night by going to for a little dance in that awesome bar that Ross had seen on the way there and it was called…what was it called?

Ross: Yeah, it was called, it was called like ‘Hypnotised By Love’ or something like that.

Yeah, haha what?

Ross: Yeah.

I love that place.

Ross: I just remember there being like a good…

It was like a hippie bar.

Ross: Yeah like a hippie bar but it also had some good seventies rock music on you know what I mean with a mixture of modern pop music, I really liked it.


Yeah, quite rare to find that. So we had a good time until two random guys challenged me, Rocky and Ellington to a dance off.

That’s right. That was right, I got my ass kicked. Yeah Rocky did not stand a chance against those guys.

Rocky: Should’ve done a guitar battle.

Yeah, they were so good, they were even in matching jumpsuits. I thought they were the Beastie boys for like a second. Yeah, two thirds of them actually, yeah like 2/3 of the Beastie Boys boys, remaining BC boys.

I went in with the worm first off.

That was impressive, I didn’t know you could do that.

I don’t always, I don’t shout about it, but when the time’s right you know…

Right yeah.
And then right, Ellington what did you do?

Ellington: Well then you guys took me and set me on my head and started spinning me so I could do like one of those, you know, head spins, cause I can’t do it myself. I need, needed you guys’ help.

And how did that work out?

Ellington: It actually went pretty well for a second and then you know I started to get a neck cramp and then I just, you know, I was like this for the rest of the night.

Yeah and you did like the *splashes water*, oh the sprinkler, no I did, the sprinkler, I did do the sprinkler after all. You played it off, you acted like you were hurt on purpose. That was pretty clever.

That was it, the whole club when wild and we went home because R5 had some interviews the morning.

Yeah, I was sleeping and here we area. Here we are again tonight.

Thank you very much guys. That was great.

Good job guys. Good night we had. That was cool.

It was a great night.

Alright cool.

Here is the link to buy their album ‘Sometime Last Night’ which you should definitely do.

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