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QUIZ: Who said it – Trump or Farage?

One idiot to another

When it feels like the sky is falling it can be really hard to find a funny side, especially when ejits like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump just keep TALKING. And they really shouldn’t. Like, at all.

As the PEOTUS and the ex-leader of UKIP, they have some serious standing. But they really don’t use their platform for good. Sometimes they spew hate, and other times complete nonsense, but it pretty much always either makes the news or spreads across social media like wildfire.

QUIZ: Are these Donald Trump or Katie Hopkins quotes?

Donald Trump’s Twitter antics could potentially get the United States in trouble

As the President Elect of one of the most powerful countries in the world, we really shouldn’t be slamming our heads against a wall every time he speaks… At least Nigel Farage is a smaller-time numpty. But how difficult is it to tell apart what they say?

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Written by Sophie Waters

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