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QUIZ: Who said it – Perrie Edwards or Camila Cabello?

The queens have spoken

Let’s face it, Perrie Edwards and Camila Cabello know what they’re talking about. Every word they say slays us #forreal.

*fans self*

We might be obsessed with the lyrical geniuses of Little Mix and 5H but that doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to what these two queens are saying too. Question is – do you? Reckon you can figure out which pop princess said each of these quotes: Perrie or Camila?

Looks like Fifth Harmony already have a new member… well, kind of

QUIZ: Are you more Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?

It’s a struggle to keep ‘Hair’ out of our heads but somehow we’ve managed that, all of 5H’s slamming discography AND we’ve memorised every word to come out of the girls’s lips. How about you?

Take the quiz and find out where you stand:

How did you score? Let us know if you’re the reigning queen of pop in the comments below.

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