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Quiz: Which Tri-Wizard Champion are you?

Dumbledore asked calmly.

Sorry, it’s too good. We’ve got to get it out of the way. Ready? Okay.

*laughs forever*

It all gets serious in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. We get the first big death of the series, Lord Voldemort properly returning and showing his snaky face, Hermione’s Yule Ball transformation and some serious crushing. There is a LOT going on in that book, and if you haven’t read it for a while, you need a refresher.

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29 Tumblr posts about Dobby that are just plain weird

But which champion are you – Harry, The Boy Who Lived? Quidditch Champion Viktor Krum, part-Veela Fleur Delacour or pretty boy Cedric Diggory?

Are we the only ones who kind of flinch a bit when we think about Cedric and the who shebang now? Oh, ‘Cursed Child’ you’ve changed everything…

“Kill the spare”

Let us know who you got in the comments below!

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