QUIZ: Which Spinster girl are you really? Take our scarily accurate quiz and find out

We’ve read the books, we’ve fangirled online, and we’ve even resorted to stalking Holly Bourne’s events and signings to see when we can next see her in the flesh.

Is that enough though? No. Never. Holly‘s Spinster Club series is drawing to a close with the brand new release of ‘…And a Happy New Year’ (click here for more info on what you’re missing). Are we prepared to say goodbye to our favourite three spinsters? Not in the slightest bit.

After spending so much time with them they’ve almost grown to feel like friends (we love these girls!) but which Spinster girl are we most like really? Find out who you are here:

Who did you get – Evie, Amber or Lottie? Let us know in the comments.

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