Quiz: Which poem are you though? (Inspired by ‘Read Me Like a Book’)

Ashleigh in Liz Kessler’s ‘Read Me Like a Book’ has a beautiful and complex relationship with school, and her teachers. We’re thinking of one teacher in particular; Miss Murray.


One thing that Miss Murray teaches her class is that not all poetry is blah when she reads Larkin’s ‘This Be The Verse’. It strikes a chord with Ashleigh. Here at MP! we got to wonderin’ which poem from the A-Level English Lit syllabus would speak to us. So we made a quiz! 

So, it’s test-taking time:
Which poem are you though?
Do you even poetry, bro?
This is a terrible rhyme.

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If prose is more your thing then you can always just get your copy of ‘Read Me Like a Book’ instead. Clicky here!


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