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QUIZ: Which of the badass ladies from Traitor to the Throne is your soul sister?

Who run the world? GIRLS

Amani is the badass heroine of the Alwyn Hamilton’s Wild West/Arabian Nights mash up and we love her. Her rebellion and bravery in using her sharp-shooting skill to escape her dead-end desert waste of a town and joining up with a rebellion had us cheering her along, but she’s not the only lady worth a cheer or three.

In the heart-stopping second book in the series, we get to meet even more lady legends. And we totally want to be BFFs with all of ’em. Though maybe we don’t want to get too attached?

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Being a badass doesn’t just mean being a good fighter or having a secret, deadly skill; it can be emotional strength over physical strength; quick-thinking or being quick to defend your friends. We’re all badasses if you think about it.

Better find out, once and for all, which rebel badass is your true soul sister. We still want to be friends all of the them tbf.

Which badass lady did you get? Tell us in the comments!

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