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QUIZ: Which new and super sassy Power Ranger are you?

Mighty and morphin’!

‘Power Rangers’?! We know, maybe this one does seem a little bit weird, and we never thought we’d be talking about this 90s kids obsession either. But you obviously haven’t seen the trailer for the brand new rebooted film because OMG it is a force to be reckoned with.

Dare we say it… The ‘Power Rangers’ have morphed into something… Cool?

Yep, we’re calling it. This overhaul has made them mighty morphin’ awesome. It’s smart, slick and action-packed.

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Because qhen the new trailer dropped so did our jaws. This group of young hipsters are funny, full of sass and kick some serious butt. There’s no fake HAH HUH KARATE CHOP in this remake. Nuh-uh. Gone are the days of fake martial arts tomfoolery.

So now they’ve had a wicked awesome makeover, which one are you? If you did watch it as a kid, you probs had a favourite. But the game has changed, people. It’s time to get a new fave and a new Halloween costume sorted for October. It’s never too early.

Don’t forget to share your new kick-ass identity with everyone too!

Are you pink or black? Blue or red? Tell us in the comments below.

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QUIZ: What’s your currentgift?

Wait, is Shawn Mendes keeping a HUGE secret from us all?