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QUIZ: Which member of Citizenfour are you based on your boyband opinions?

OMFG we just love boybands so much here at MP! and we’re always on the snoop for the latest group of 6 foot fitties who sing like beautiful little angels and just happen to have rock hard abs – our favourite type of angel.

And our search has intensified ever since One Direction went on hiatus because there is a DAMNED MASSIVE HOLE IN OUR HEARTS WHICH WE CAN’T PLUG DAMMIT!

Gotta get that close up…

We have been looking far and wide and finally we think we’ve found our the answer to our prayers.

Cue Citizenfour…

Yeah we know.

HOT AF, right?

They’re also impossibly talented. Check out their covers of Shawn Mendes and RiRi.

We cosied up with the group and got to know them on a deep and personal level (yeah be jealous…)

Hey guys. Could you introduce yourselves for those who don’t know you yet?

Carson: Yo! I’m Carson Boatman, I am 1/4 of C4, I’m from Iowa, and I love the great outdoors.

Conner: What’s up I’m Conner, and I’m a singer, and adventurer.

Austin: Whats good, I’m Austin Percario singer & space cadet.

Josh: YO, I’m Josh Levi, I am 18, black, and from Houston, Texas.

What is the thing you most like about each other?

Carson: Conner is my little brother, and I love him a whole lot. Austin (as he will admit) Has his head in the clouds about 70% of the time. And Josh is intelligent.

Conner: Carson for his really quick and clever comebacks. Josh for his work ethic and drive towards music. Austin for his obsession with the Aztec calendar.

Austin: I like how playful Conner is, how dad-like Carson is and how silly Josh is.

Josh: I most like Carson’s determination about anything out in front of him.

What is your one secret confession?

Carson: My secret confession is that i sleep with one pillow long ways next to me in my bed because I like to cuddle.

Conner: My roommate has a blue heeler that roxxxxx.

Josh: I wear a retainer and glasses every night :)

Austin: I’m a scorpio/hardcore into astrology.

We adore your new single is called ‘Testify’. What does the song mean to the band and why is it important for fans to vote for ‘Testify’ in the MP! Top Ten?

Carson: It’s important to vote for testify on the MP! Top Ten because it’s a song that means a lot to us as a band and it would mean a lot to us if we could get your support. We’re all in this together!!

Conner: Fans should vote because we put all of ourselves and to the release of this single it represents our brand and sound really well.

Austin: We really need all the support we can get. We appreciate how you guys have already done so much to share ‘Testify’; we worked really hard on getting this record out so it means the world!

Josh: ‘Testify’ is a song composed of four different guys from different walks of life. We made it because it feels authentic to us and that’s the message we want to send with it.

Vote Citizen Four’s ‘Testify’ for No.1 on the MP! Top Ten

Now it’s time to find out which member of Citizenfour you are most like. Take the quiz below and let us know your results in the comments.

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Written by David Farrell

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