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QUIZ: Which Little Mix member are you based on your Starbucks preferences?

Extra hot soy latte with just a touch of love

The girls of Little Mix have literally been slaying lately with their newest music video for ‘Touch’.

And tbh it’s making us so excited for their tour with Ariana Grande. We are literally counting down the days (less than four OMFG!). Be sure to join this fan project if you’re going to be seeing the Little Mix ladies in the United States with Ariana Grande!

The girls are so busy we honestly don’t know how they fit it all in. If only we had the chance to sit down for coffee with them to pick their brains – chat about tour life, fashion and ofc BOYS! We can dream right…?

VOTE: Which tour would you rather die than miss this year? 

QUIZ: Which gif from Little Mix’s ‘Touch’ music video are you based on your birthday?

Take this quiz to find out which member of Little Mix you are based on your Starbucks preferences! Be sure to share your results with us below, along with your favourite Starbucks drink.

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