QUIZ: Which K-Pop band were you born to be in based on your fried chicken preferences?

Bodyrolls for days

As the 26th annual Seoul Music Awards gets underway, we can’t help but drool, clap excitedly and drool some more as our absolute faves come down the red carpet looking flawless af.

It should be a crime to look that slick. And sure, we might not actually speak much Korean but what we 100% know is who are bias is and how much we’d love to be standing next to them right now. Who is going to win big at the awards?

It doesn’t really matter because something is missing. Look closely at those group shots… Where are YOU? So we’ve created this quiz to determine which K-Pop band you were BORN to be in. Are you a BLACKPINK missing member, or the long-lost lead singer of EXO?

Which K-Pop idol will steal your heart?

Nooo! Luna Lovegood actress says it’s time to put her character to rest and we’re in bits:

There’s only one sensible way to find out really, and that’s by telling us your preference in fried chicken. Yep, you heard correctly. Fried chicken. It’s basically soul food (and if you get the pun right there then you are literally a legend).

So let’s do this! Find out your future K-Pop career, and then share it for all the world to see:

How did it go? Which band are you in? Tell us in the comments below.

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