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QUIZ: Which Horcrux are you?

How much evil runs in your veins?

We might never have received our letters to Hogwarts but that doesn’t mean we don’t know everything about our wizarding personas, magical abilities or not. Hogwarts house? Check. Patronus? Duh. Wand length, shape and wood? Obviously.

But have you ever stopped and thought about how much evil is coursing through your veins? ‘Cos we have, and we’re sorry to say that the news is NOT GOOD (Unless, you know, it turns out you’re Harry Potter. Which would be pretty cool.)

Voldemort split his soul into eight pieces and now Maximum Pop! have got an insane exclusive for you all. You can find out, right here, which Horcrux you are. 100% J.K. Rowling approved, of course *suspicious cough*

QUIZ: How much do you really know about Hogwarts? Even true Potterheads will be stupefied by this quiz!

QUIZ: Are you more Harry Styles or Harry Potter?

It’s time to find out whether you’re Helga Hufflepuff’s unFINDable cup or a half-century old, tattered diary. Get started here:

How evil are you? Let us know what Horcrux you are in the comments below.

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