QUIZ: Which fandom were you ACTUALLY made for?

The realness

DO NOT PANIC! But turns out you might be in the wrong fandom without even realising it. We know. It can’t be possible, can it? You’ve invested all of your heart and soul into that Potterhead mood board on Pinterest, you’ve had sleepless nights over that Dan and Phil Tumblr page.

Just to be sure, we’ve made this iron-clad fool-proof test. That way you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve got your fandom family 100% right. Phew!

Basically we’ve been inspired to discover our real fan-selves by Lexi’s story in ‘Unconventional’, the newest book by fandom extraordinaire Maggie Harcourt.

QUIZ: Can you escape the dark underbelly of your fave fandom?

VOTE: Which OTP deserves to be canon?

Everyone is a fan of someone. Best to be sure it’s the RIGHT someone, eh?

*tip toes back in* So uh, is it good news? Share it with us!

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