And the winners are… Quiz: Which fairytale are you based on your favourite fictional villain + WIN a copy of ‘Heartless’

Everyone’s a little bit evil

We all love a good villain. There’s something about hating a character that’s just totally irresistible and they’re actually often some of the most interesting ones out there. There’s nothing as satisfying as getting an insider look at just what makes a villain tick, and what made them evil in the first place.

Marissa Meyer’s ‘Heartless’ does just that.

Before there was the Queen of Hearts, there was Catherine Pinkerton. All she wants is to open a bake shop with her friend, but Cath is one of the most desired girls in Wonderland and a favourite of the King of Hearts. To her mother, Cath choosing a bakery over being the next Queen is criminal.

When Cath meets the court joker it’t not long until she understands the full force of true love. But in a place where magic and madness rules, will fate let her live out her dreams?

Not gonna lie, we actually can’t think of anything more perfect: magic, true love, almost-villains and Wonderland. Perfection.

We think your favourite villain says a lot about you. It definitely says a lot about the type of stories you love to get lost in.

Tell us your favourite fictional villain and we’ll guess your favourite fairytale!

We’ve also got 10 copies of the gorgeous ‘Heartless’ up for grabs. All you need to do to enter is:

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