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QUIZ: Which devilishly wicked character from ‘Descendants 2’ are you?

“Life’s full of choices, innit?”

So the trailer for ‘Descendants 2′ has dropped an OMFG we can’t even because not only does it look like it’ll rock our Disney-luvvin’ world, we were then given the deets on the new members of the cast.

Fan faves Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson are back as Mal and Evie, however we can’t disguise our excitement over the new descendants on the block. Who will be your new fave tho?

Pretty slick, eh? But it’s not giving much away. What do we know about the additional cast?

Welp, we’re treated to Uma, Ursula’s descendant. Plus Harry (Captain Hook) and Gus (Gaston). Bravo, Disney, bravo. This is a very cool trio to include.

Which Disney show should you watch based on your bookish bae preferences?

Pick a Disney-inspired prom dress and we’ll ship you with the perf boybander


There are so many questions, not least WHO THE HECK GOT ON GASTON?! We understand Captain Hook, because he has a ship, and bitches like ships. JK. However, if it’s the ‘Once’ reincarnation of Hook…

But the question is, which character are you, actually? Let’s find out and then you can share your result with everyone else!

Who are ye? Tell us in the comments below.

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