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QUIZ: Which Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher are you?

It doesn’t matter – you won’t last long

Is there a position at Hogwarts more coveted, more important, more cursed than the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor? This position will enable you to arm young witches and wizards to defend themselves against dark magic, but it’s not the safest spot on the Hogwarts staff. After all, 3 ultimately die, 1 was chased out by a giant, 1 had his memory wiped, 1 had his identity stolen and the other is an actual Death Eater. Oh dear.

As much as we want to be at Hogwarts – with every inch of our being – we’re still not sure we’d like to be the Dark Arts teacher…

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But which of the famous Dark Arts teachers are you? Will you be a genuinely good teacher like Lupin? A smarmy ejit like Lockhart? Secretly evil like poor, quivering Quirrell? Or maybe you’re the tragic Snape? It’s time to find out.

Who did you get? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Written by Sophie Waters

Sophie is the Head of Commercial at Maximum Pop! Having studied English Lit and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she came to MP! to satisfy her passion for books. Sophie is a diehard Hufflepuff and feminist. She's also a huge cat lover, and can often be found rocking her socks off at a gig.

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