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QUIZ: Which boyband member will you marry based on your taste in wedding dresses?

You know you wanna know

If you told us that you haven’t put some serious thought into your future wedding dress then we’d totally think you were lying to be honest.

Straps or sleeves; princess skirt or classy A-line; sparkle or no sparkle – these are very important questions that we’ve all put a lot of thought into. Go on, admit it! There are few things more appealing that feeling good in what you’re wearing, and that’s basically a guarantee for your wedding day.

Err… Is Zayn ditching his solo career for a new boyband?

QUIZ: Which k-pop band were you born to be in based on your fried chicken preferences?

But we obvs need a groom once we’ve got the dress (or even the other way around? *shrugs*) and we just don’t want to settle for anyone. We totally want to marry our boyband fave. But who should you marry? Find out based on your taste in wedding dresses!

Who did you get? Are you happy with your new husband? Let us know in the comments below. 

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