QUIZ: Write a secret love letter and we’ll reveal what boring location you’ll meet your popstar bae

Imagine meeting Harry Styles at a bus stop…

Have you ever wondered where you’ll meet your first love? We have. We’d like to think it would be at a Harry Styles concert or perhaps at an award show that Harry and us happened to be at. Hey, Harry…. *winks*

Fun and games aside, though, we can’t deny the glaring obvious. Often you’ll find love in the most unexpected and sorta boring places. In ‘Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index’ by Julie Israel, Juniper and Brand begin to develop feelings for each other in a super strange place.

In fact, there are no romantic restaurants in sight as the pair spent some quality time together rummaging through dustbins and school skips. That’s right… school skips. Imagine someone taking your breath away when the only thing you can smell is gone off milk.


You may be wondering why these two potential lovebirds were in a skip to begin with? Let us explain. In the story, Juniper’s sister suddenly dies and she’s swept up in a whirlwind of grief. Things go from bad to worse when she loses one of the index cards that she’s been holding onto since Camilla’s death.

The index card is part of Juniper’s daily ritual, The Happiness Index, and it contains a secret that she doesn’t want getting out. When she’s rummaging around in the dustbins trying to find the card, Brand comes along and is quite literally her knight in a leather jacket.

As sweet as it seems, a skip is a pretty weird place to meet a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s also got got us thinking about all the other wacky places you could meet your bae. Imagine meeting Niall Horan whilst queuing for the bus? Or being swept off your feet by Camilla Cabello outside Costa’s loos?

Take our quiz below and we’ll predict your future location.

Start reading ‘Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index’ by Julie Israel…

‘The girl in the picture doesn’t look any different.
Things you see: brown eyes. Honey hair to the shoulders.
Natural eyeliner.
Things you don’t: stitches. A neck brace.
The sleep rings hidden beneath her makeup.

I lower my new student ID card. My throat is tight with all the changes I carry, but don’t find there. Still, I’m grateful not to wear them like a flag on my forehead: Ask me about my tragedy!’

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