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QUIZ: What weird food item should you give up for Lent based on your 5SOS preferences?

It’s time we all start getting a little more creative with what we give up for Lent

It seems like all of our favourite boybands have been on a hiatus lately, *cough* One Direction *cough* 5SOS. Thankfully, our bae Michael Clifford has recently assured us the 5SOS boys are coming out of their hiatus really soon and making a third album.

We are beyond excited for a new 5SOS album and the best part: a new album means another tour for us to rock out with our socks out at. ‘LIVESOS’ part two, perhaps?

QUIZ: Can you guess the 5SOS song from a single lyric?

Ashton Irwin just made every single one of Troye Sivan’s fanboy dreams come true and there’s hope for us yet

Take this quiz to find out what strange food item you should give up for the month of Lend based on all of your 5SOS preferences. *WARNING* fangirls only! Be sure to share your results with us in the comments down below.


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