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QUIZ: What is your future career based on your RuPaul’s Drag Race preferences?

Hey kitty girl

Come through, season 9, come though! The #Ruveal has got every Drag Race fan in a spin because trust, this new season is going to be sickening. Yes gawd.

You can see all of the line-up right here, but in the meantime, we’ve figured out the science, mama, that links your future career DESTINY with your RuPaul opinions. And we KNOW you have some shady preferences when it comes to Ru’s all stars.

These new queens are already causing a stir:

But we’re loyal to our previous season squirrel friends. So whether Trixie Mattel gives you life (and she should because she’s all kinds of fabulous. All Stars 3? Yes please) or Adore Delano makes you want to pursue a career in astrology

…everyone has their faves. And everyone’s faves opens them to be read. So let it be known that the library is now open, and maybe you’ll be working in it. You shady, shady queen.

Ariana has ditched her iconic ponytail and you WILL NOT believe what she looks like now

QUIZ: Which Drag Race queen are you based on your fave pop star?

It’s not essential to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of life, especially before it’s hardly begun! But before you sashay away answer these questions and get the world’s most accurate career advice, hunty. 

What’s it to be, queen? Share with us your new employment adventure!

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