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QUIZ: What % heroic are you?

Let’s find out!

Trigger warning: The following article contains mature content which is not suitable for younger readers.

Some of our favourite book characters are absolute heroes. They’re super brave and are constantly encouraging us to be a little more badass and heroic in everything we do. Take Katniss from ‘The Hunger Games’, for example. She’s a complete rebel. So’s our new YA dystopian hero fave, Hoshiko from ‘Show Stopper’.

‘Show Stopper’ is a brand new book by Hayley Barker. It’s a super powerful read and we wouldn’t be surprised if you see it on the big screen in the near future.

The story is set in a dystopian reality and follows main protagonist, Hoskiko. Labelled a ‘Dreg’, Hoskiko has grown up segregated from the ‘Pures/Pure English’ and was sold to the circus when she was just a child.

With a demonic ringmaster, the circus is a bloodthirsty place where children and animals spend their lives in fear. Unthinkable acts of torture and abuse takes place. But despite the horrific events that are happening around her, Hoshiko is one of the bravest characters you’ll meet.

When she falls in love with a Pure called Ben, she plans on running away with him and putting an end to the circuses brutality. Hoshiko goes above and beyond in the name of activism and in our eyes that makes her a true hero.

How heroic are you, though? Would you go to the kind of extremes Hoskiko does? Take our brand new quiz to find out.

Read ‘Show Stopper’ by Hayley Barker…

‘The cries of the audience pound in my head as I stand, poised, above them. I’m a hundred feet off the ground but, if I try, I can make out individual faces in the sea of bodies below me.

I begin swinging. Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. Gaining momentum, gaining pace, becoming rhythmic: backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

There is only me now; only the arc and the fall. If I let go too soon I won’t reach the wire; too late and I’ll loop right over it.’

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What % hero are you? Are you as rebellious as Katniss or Hoskiko? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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