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QUIZ: Can you match the popstar to their secret talent?

Yikes! Which popstar can do freaky things with their arms?!

Do you have a secret talent? Perhaps you’re really good at telling jokes or maybe you’re a pro at completing a Rubik’s Cube? The stars of Lisa Heathfield’s new book ‘Flight Of A Starling’ are ridiculously talented.

Rita and Lo have grown up in the circus and perform their magical trapeze act to hundreds of people every night. The act sees them whizz through the air ‘Sign Of The Times’ style and to be honest, we’re sorta jealous.

After all, how epic would it be to fly?!

Rita and Lo’s talent has got us thinking about the secret skills that heaps of our fave popstars have. Did you know that Harry can juggle? Or that Lauren from Fifth Harmony is super quick at typing?

Maximum Pop! have put together a brand new quiz that features all of your faves’ secret talents. All you need to do is match the skill with the popstar.

Do you actually know everything there is to know about your faves? Prove it.

Start reading ‘Flight of a Starling’ by Lisa Heathfield

‘The air in the alleyway sticks to my skin. The bricks sit too close, pushing grief deeper into me. I stop to touch the walls.
Were you here, Lo?

I listen for a reply. Listen hard for her laughter, but it’s not here. The silence grips so hard at my heart that I don’t know how I breathe.’

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What score did you get? Let us know in the comments below. You can find out more about Lisa Heathfield’s ‘Flight Of A Starling’ by clicking here. We’ve put together heaps of amazing content about it.

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