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QUIZ: Pick a cupcake and we’ll give you some shit life advice

Don’t blame us when your life goes terribly wrong

We’re only 5 weeks into 2017 and already everything has turned to shit. Between Donald Trump taking office and everyone slamming J.K. Rowling left right and centre, quite frankly we’ve already had enough to deal with. So what could be worse?

There’s no hope left for any of us anymore so we might as well offer up some truly terrible life advice now that absolutely everything has gone completely wrong. Keep reading to have the delectable baking gods determine exactly what you should give up on next.

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Should you quit whilst you’re ahead and just never get out of bed again, or will your love for red velvet lead you down a path of eternal nakedness?

Choose your cupcake here and receive the absolute worst life advice ever. Sorry in advance.

Remember, don’t blame us when everything goes wrong. Leave a comment down below about how terrible your life is about to become.

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