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QUIZ: What % Dinah Jane Hansen are you?

She’s so slayage

Crack out the streamers, Harmonizers! If you don’t already know (where have you been ALL DAY?!) Maximum Pop! is hosting the epicness that’s Fifth Harmony Day.

The girls have a new album out and we’ve been celebrating by putting together loads of different quizzes for you all to binge-play. Ever wondered how much like everyone’s faves you are? Good news. You can now find out.

Earlier today we posted a personality quiz where you could work out what % Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei you are. Now it’s Dinah Jane Hansen‘s turn.

Dinah Jane is one of our fave Fifth Harmony girls (just don’t tell the others we said that – okay?!) She’s always providing us with heaps of fashion inspo and teaching us to love our bodies and flaunt what we’ve got. In other words she’s complete slayage and we’d love to be a little more like her.

To see how much like Dinah Jane you are, simply take the quiz below. After you’ve answered all the questions, we’ll reveal how much of your personality matches up with her’s.

Make sure you share your results on Twitter and tag us in them @MaximumPop too.¬†Tell all your other Harmoinzer pals about Maximum Pop!’s 5H day and help spread the word.

Did we get it right? Leave a comment below and tell us. You can also play over 50 other Fifth Harmony quizzes by clicking here.

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