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QUIZ: What % Ally Brooke are you?

Yaaassss we got 99%

Fifth Harmony Day may be coming to a close but don’t be sad. We’re finishing everything off with a bang and may even have a super secret treat in store for you.

If this is your first time visiting Maximum Pop! today, hi, nice to meet you. We should probably explain what’s happening this Friday. As die hard Harmonizers know, Fifth Harmony have a brand new album out today and to celebrate we’ve been posting heaps of lol-worthy 5H quizzes for you to enjoy.

So far today, we’ve tried to guess your fave 5H member and put together some brill personality quizzes that tell you what % Lauren, Normani and Dinah Jade you are.

To finish things off, it’s time to find out what % Ally Brooke you are. Ally is an absolute sweetheart and we wanna know if you’re one of the nicest, most gentle people around like she is.

Are you an epic friend? Would you go above and beyond for your girl squad? Let’s find out, shall we? Answer the questions below. Once you’re done, we’ll reveal what % of your personality is like Ally’s.

Make sure you share your results on Twitter and tag us in them @MaximumPop. Tell all your other Harmonizer pals about Maximum Pop!’s 5H day too and help spread the word.

What score did you get? Leave a comment below and tell us. You can also play over 50 other Fifth Harmony quizzes by clicking here.

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