QUIZ – What’s missing from your make-up bag?

We’ve all been there – we’re getting ready with all our pals, laughing, joking, putting on a dash of make-up in the mirror… When OUT OF THE BLUE, one of your mates whips out the coolest make-up product you’ve ever seen. And you look at them like this.



You almost wish someone would have told you that you needed that necessary make-up item before you got there, so all your mates could give that same look to you. And you’d be like, yes. I am the KING OF MAKE-UP! (This story has gone too far, but you catch our drift).

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with just that – a quiz to let you KNOW what your next item of make-up should be! We’ll even tell you which ones we think would be perfect for you to snap up.

So what are you waiting for? GOGOGO!

What product did you get? Share it with us at @maximumpop!

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