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Quiz: Which phenomenal read tackling mental health issues should you pick up next?

Be MINDful!

Guys. It’s here. The ‘A Tragic Kind of Wonderful’ paperback is landing and it’s just as every bit beautiful as the hardback, the main difference being you can hold it up in the bath without straining something in your wrists!

But maybe you’ve read it already, and that’s ok (because re-reads are SO IN this season) we’ve got the perfect quiz to help you discover which book with a focus on mental health you need to read next.

QUIZ: Which song is the soundtrack to your goodbye day?

QUIZ: Who is totally your bookish BFF?

Eric Lindstrom’s main character Mel has bipolar disorder making her life a little… unpredictable? Shall we say? But the themes and the issues are handled beautifully. It’s a whole, guts and grit story about friendships and relationships, and everything else in between.

So if that doesn’t tickle your fancy right now (it should, it’s amaze, but we can’t MAKE you read it…)

…then answer these questions and find the perfect read for right now:

What did you get? Share it with us!

And if you want to get your hands on a pretty, pretty paperback of ‘A Tragic Kind of Wonderful’ then clicky here.

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