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Less than 10% of Twenty One Pilots fans have got 100% on this super difficult quiz, can you?

It’s tricky but try not to get too stressed out…

Twenty One Pilots fans know a lot, and we mean A LOT. The Skeleton Clique are one of the most die-hard (and amazing) fan bases out there, and we bloody love’em for it. Think you could name all of Josh’s siblings and know exactly how many best men Tyler had at his wedding? PROBS.

Call us mean, but because you guys know SO much about the boys, we wanted to put your knowledge to the test…and we are not messing around. Can you tell the difference between Josh’s shoulder and Tyler’s shoulder? How about food? Do you know the strangest thing Tyler has ever eaten?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the answers above, now’s your time to prove it. MP! have created a super difficult quiz that asks you exactly that. Even the most dedicated TOP fans will struggle with it. Trust us, we got team MP! to try it and it’s tricky with a capital T.


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QUIZ: Can you match the album name to your favourite music groups like Little Mix and One Direction?

But fret not, guys – don’t get too stressed out. *snigger* At least not yet, anyway. We have sooooo much faith in your Twenty One Pilots knowledge and we know you’re gonna smash it.

Ready, get set, gooooooooooo!

How did you do? Would Tyler and Josh be proud? Let us know your score in the comments below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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