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QUIZ: Leigh-Anne’s BRITs dress or a ’00s Britney outfit? Can you tell’em apart?

Double denim never looked SO good!

There’s no denying that Little Mix‘s Leigh-Anne looked fierce with a capital F at this year’s BRIT awards. She’s completely rocked the double denim denim EVERYTHING trend, and we completely love her for it.


And we’re not the only ones who thought Leigh-Anne slayed like Santa on Christmas Eve. Naturally, Twitter was freaking the eff out over her outfit.

All hail Leigh-Anne!


We concur, mixers, we concur.

Yep, the dress was so HAWT it reminded us of the time when ’00s Britney walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards awards in a similar all-denim dress. YEAH, YOU KNOW THE ONE.

Britbae looked amazing. And, as for her accessories… well we don’t think you can get any hotter.


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But here’s the BIG question. Could you actually tell the difference between Leigh-Anne’s BRITs dress and some of Britney’s most iconic ’00s outfits? It’s harder than it seems, mixer massive. But we reckon you can ace it.

If you get 100%, we’ll give you a ’00s fist pump. HELLZ YEAH.

How did you do? Leave a comment below with your score in it.

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