QUIZ: How should you revise for your exams based on your favourite pencil case?

(yes, you have to study)

Exams are scarily close and we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a tiny bit of freaking out happening every know and then (or every hour) because it just WON’T GO IN. But we know exactly how to sort you out.

We’ve devised a fail safe plan to get you hitting those books – the PERFECT study tips.

Not everything works for everyone. Some people revise best using mock tests, others with flash cards and some people find being quizzed the best way to learn. But it can be super tricky to find out what works for you and how best to you it once you do.

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How should you study? Pick your favourite pencil case and let’s find out!

What did you get? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. HAAA! I got “being quizzed”. I’m the worst person to get quizzed. I get either really angry or my brain just stops. So nah. BUT I do really appreciate the Happy Jackson pencil case there. Happy Jackson is the bees knees.

    I’ve always found the best way to study is to cram. Literally. No joke. Cram the day before. (don’t follow this advice, it’s terrible, but it always worked for me).

  2. Being quizzed is a great way of studying, for me, anyway! I always used to just sit and highlight the hell out of everything, then I’d re-write it all down in my own notebook and make my very own ‘study book’. I’d then just go over and over it till it stuck. I know a lot of people also do that thing where they stick post it notes EVERYWHERE – apparently that’s quite good. Never worked for me but hey ho.

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