QUIZ: Are you as much of a ‘Harry Potter’ fangirl as Zoella?

There aren’t two things we love more in life than ‘Harry Potter‘ and Zoella. They both bring us a cosy amount of comfort — we like nothing more than to curl up in bed after a long day and click onto a twenty-minute vlog from MoreZoella, or put on our fave HP film (although, lbr, they’re all our faves). They’re both equally as satisfying and we love them both for being there in all of our times of need. You might say they’re both quite, well, magical.


But, as we all know, Zoella is a pretty huge ‘Harry Potter’ fan, so we want to know whether you’re up to scratch in all things fangirl, or if you’re actually a bit of a squib. Awks.

Take the quiz and tweet us @maximumpop with your results!

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