Quiz: Do you know your ‘Harry Potter’ from your ‘Carry On’?

Us bookish peeps at MP! have two obsessions: ‘Harry Potter‘ (duh) and Rainbow Rowell (also duh).

We know you love them both too. You may be able to talk the talk though, but can you walk the walk? We reckon it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to figure out which book these 15 quotes belong to. Can you prove us wrong?

With the recent release of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘ HP is more prominent than ever. And we’re really not that surprised tbh. It’s a cultural phenomenon!

And the Waterstone’s displays are to die for obvs.

Thank god J.K. Rowling wrote this series though because without it we probs wouldn’t have the incredible ‘Carry On‘ in our lives too. It’s like HP but funnier, sillier, and x10 more 21st century.

But, of course, we’re obsessed with them both. Even though we love them both so much though… telling the difference is pretty hard. Can you do it?

How did you do? Are you a #1 fan? Share your score with us @maximumpopbooks!

If you need more Rainbow Rowell in your life, see if we can guess your fave book by her just by the ice cream flavour you love best. Is it possible?!

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