QUIZ: Can you match these EPIC AF fantasy worlds to the right book?

Are you lost?

Literally the best thing about any fantasy book is being able to disappear down the rabbit hole. To enter another dimension, and be transported to a completely different world.

It definitely beat RL sometimes, that’s for sure. Veronica Roth is a pro when it comes to fictional worlds, and her newest release is a prime example! How good is your memory though? Can you match these fictional worlds to the books they’re described in?

Whether you’re a hardcore Hobbit or a stargazing Cyra, you gotta live somewhere, right? And if that somewhere isn’t as straightforward as 4, Privet Drive, then it’s gonna be both fictional and fantastical.

This is simply about knowing your stuff. And of course, a little bit of guess work can go a long way. We’re not expecting you to know the weather in Mordor…

…But if you know where Mordor is, you’re already halfway there. You’re gonna smash it. But if you want to be sure, then you can always see how many SF staples you’ve actually read with this tick list.

Nooderella has been keeping a very bookish secret from us, but we’ve uncovered EVERYTHING!

QUIZ: Who said it? Cyra or Princess Leia?

So if you think you know your Hogwarts from your Middle Earth then you’ve 100% got this. Answer the questions, emerge a champion of the literary universe, feel like a boss, what more could you want?

Can you handle it?

Are you an intergalactic, fictional dwelling, trivia BEAST? Share your score! 

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