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QUIZ: Can you match the quote to correct ‘Harry Potter’ character?

This may not be as easy as you think…

Regardless of which house you sort yourself into, we’re all just a bunch of ‘Harry Potter’ fangirls. We’ve read the books a million times, seen all of the movies way more than once, and, of course, we have our all time favourite quotes from the series.

Although we seriously love Harry, Hermione, and Ron there are some ‘Harry Potter’ characters that are just too great to be forgotten like Colin Creevey, for example. Yes, he’s not a main character, but he’s absolutely adorable and loves Harry just as much as we do.

Is this superstar actor set to star in the next ‘Harry Potter’ film?

QUIZ: Which Harry Potter hybrid house do you belong in?

Test your ‘Harry Potter’ knowledge and see if you can match the quote to the correct character with this quiz! We promise, only true ‘Harry Potter’ fans can get 100%. Be sure to share your results with us over in the comments below and share your favourite ‘HP’ quote with us.

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